Replacing Audi Key Battery Procedure

Here you will find useful information and instruction about replacing Audi key battery procedure that any Audi user can complete very easily! While we can accomplish this for you, it might be more efficient and quicker for you to do it yourself. This is a question we are frequently asked. It may be a clear indication that the fob battery needs to go through a replacement procedure. This is important if you find that your car key fob occasionally locks or unlocks the car but never opens the doors.

Replacing Audi Key Battery

Even while you might still be able to protect your car with the manual key function of the fob. The automated lock and unlock functionality can be quite helpful. Therefore it’s important to know how to replace the fob’s battery when it runs out. The great news is that you can quickly and easily replace the battery in a car key fob at home. Nevertheless, we are always here to assist, so if you need assistance with any of the following, phone us.

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Replacing Audi Key Battery

You can first see if the car’s manual locks still function to confirm that the issue is with the battery. If they don’t, there can be a problem with the car key or the fob batteries rather than the locking system of the vehicle. You might also try locking and unlocking the car with a backup car key fob if you have one. If it functions, you can infer that the other one’s battery is the issue.

Change Audi Key Battery

You’ll need to buy a new battery once you’ve passed the determination that the old one needs to go through the replacement process. Car key batteries are often flat and rounded like coins. Open the fob and examine the original battery to make sure you purchase the proper type and size.

The main thing about replacing Audi key battery process! With just your finger, you should be able to raise the portion of the fob that houses the battery, but you can also achieve this by using a flathead screwdriver. The battery should be visible inside the fob once you carefully open the shell. The battery can then be taken out with your finger. In another case, you can flip the fob over, and give it a light tap. Then let the battery fall out into your hand.

How To Replace Audi Key Battery

You ought to be able to see a code on one side of the battery. This code typically starts with two letters, like CR, and you get it by a few numbers. When you buy a new battery for your car key fob, you should write down or photograph this code. If you’re having trouble locating the code, your car’s manual should have this information.

Replace the battery in the fob once you have one, clip the shell back together, and your key will function as intended. Well, you are done with replacing Audi key battery.

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