Volvo Radio Code Decoder

This is the page where you can find the universal Volvo radio code decoder! This software can help you remove the problem with your locked car radio device. Here in this article, you will learn how to use this unique software. You will also learn how to avoid mistakes while you enter the Volvo radio code into your device. It is important too because too many wrong attempts can make your device worthless!

Volvo Radio Code Calculator

We recommend you learn all about the process. Then in the end just implement your knowledge. In the end, your locked Volvo car radio needs to work properly!

Universal Volvo Radio Code Decoder

The universal Volvo radio code decoder is a huge combination of software capable to make recalculations properly to cover 100% locked Volvo automobile radios and their codes. Therefore you can relax because our method works on any Volvo car radio device if you can write its serial number combination.

You don’t know how or where to find the serial number? There are many options to find the serial number combination for your locked device. In the beginning, you can check the documents and papers in your vehicle. There you can find the serial number, but you can also find your true Volvo radio code. If this is the case, then you don’t need to use our universal Volvo radio decoder. Just input the code that is written on the Volvo security card into your radio and the problem is solved without many problems.

Radio Model

If you can’t find the serial number in some documents or papers then you must remove the Volvo car radio device from its prime box in your car. Once you successfully remove the device you can find the unique serial combination on the backside of the device. Write the serial combination because you will need it. Our universal Volvo decoder works only with the serial number from the original Volvo car radio.

The decoder can help you if you have a member from the following list:

Supported List

The software can help you if you have a locked Volvo car radio from the following model:

  • 140
  • 164
  • 240
  • 260
  • 340
  • 360
  • 440
  • 460
  • 480
  • 740
  • 760
  • 780
  • 850
  • 940
  • 960
  • C30
  • C70
  • C80
  • S40
  • S60
  • S70
  • S80
  • S90
  • Truck
  • V40
  • V50
  • V60
  • V70
  • V90
  • VR300
  • XC Classic
  • XC40
  • XC60
  • XC70
  • XC90
Volvo Radio Serial Number

Retrieval Procedure

The Volvo radio code retrieval process that any reader can use is really simple. Easy process that our team will perform with a workable universal Volvo radio code decoder. Your job is to make a workable valid request with your right email address, where you will receive the code at the end of this process. Simply follow the steps below and your radio will work again without problems:

  1. Find the main menu above,
  2. Use the menu to visit our main contact page,
  3. Fill in a comment that contains the Volvo radio’s serial combination, Volvo car model, and true email address where you want to get your Volvo radio code,
  4. Send the comment.

In a reasonable time, you will receive a response. The email that you will receive will contain the combination that will rework your locked radio device. Once you get the combination you will need to input it into your locked device. The procedure can be finished easily. If you don’t know how to complete it, just visit some Youtube tutorials that contain information about your original Volvo radio model. In the tutorial, you will see instructions on how to manage the whole entering Volvo radio code by pressing the main radio buttons in an order!

* In very rare cases we will not complete the retrieval process. If you have a specific Volvo car radio device that already was blocked in the past we can’t provide the original code. In this case, in the email message, you will receive instructions and directions on what to do. There are real services that can help you if you are in this specific situation!


If for some reason you don’t want to use our free universal Volvo radio code calculator then you can try another option. At any time you can buy the unlock key code from many different providers. There are two types of them. The first type is the online type. Many online websites will sold you your code for some price. If you decide to use this type of solution be very careful because there are fraud and scam websites that will charge you a price but you will not receive your Volvo radio code. You can contact use about information what source is true!

Volvo Radio Code

The second option is to buy your Volvo radio code from an electrician worker that works only for himself. Those people have applications and methods for many different car models that can produce different types of codes. They will probably what some money from you. In this case, you are sure that you will get your true unique code. If he doesn’t provide the code, then you will not pay him. Simple as that!

If you use the last method then the electrician will need to remove the radio using special radio removal tools. Please don’t let him remove the radio if he doesn’t own original removal tools because he may damage the device. The picture with damaged Volvo radio in front of you all the time while you drive isn’t something that you will like!

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  • Volvo 850
    VO7800 A8030020B

  • Volvo 940 cr-708

  • Hello. I hope you guys can help me.
    Vo0690 x2749045g

  • Serial No AL3725R1216941

    Volvo 3533725

  • Serial No AL3725R1216941

    Volvo 3533725

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  • Volvo V70

    Serial NO.
    VO0690 W4149123C

    VOLVO 3533775-1

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  • Volvo v70 bj 2000 autoradio code kwijt
    Volvo 8633020
    VO1820 12561355C
    VIN / YV1SW58K212101022

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    Radio :
    VOLVO 3533775 – 1
    VO1590 Y210E072G

  • VOLVO CT-503
    Serial No.
    VO1820 12571192C


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