Replace The Mercedes Benz Battery

Repairing a Mercedes Benz battery is a real challenge if you want to make it by yourself for the first time! We will teach you how to replace the Mercedes Benz battery very easily! Battery replacement on a Mercedes-Benz is a relatively simple chore to learn for the DIY car enthusiast. A replacement battery and a few simple tools are all you need. Beyond that, you must find the location of the vehicle’s battery and understand how to disconnect it to make room for the replacement battery.

Additionally, you should be aware of when a replacement is necessary and the best kind of battery for your car. Continue reading to find out how to change the battery in a Mercedes-Benz.

How To Replace Mercedes Benz Battery

Mercedes Battery Replacement Warning Signs

The most typical indication that a Mercedes-Benz battery has to be replaced is when the car is challenging to start every morning. The battery is likely nearing the end of its useful life if it takes several seconds just to get the motor to turn on after you turn the key. The battery is probably hanging by a thread if the engine sputters for a few seconds as you turn the key, or if the engine won’t start until the second or third attempt. Alternatively, a dashboard alert may indicate a problem with the charging mechanism.

When Changing a Mercedes Car Battery Take These Precautions

A terminal short must be avoided when changing the battery in a Mercedes-Benz. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid both positive and negative terminal contact as well as positive terminal contact with the vehicle’s frame. No metal components of the car should come into contact with the battery’s positive end.

To replace a battery on a Mercedes-Benz, you will require the following tools:

  • A 10mm socket wrench needs to be available to detach the battery from its positive and negative terminals.
  • 13mm socket wrench this is what you’ll need to remove the bracket holding the battery in place.
  • An 8′′ extension may be available to remove the battery from the terminals.

The Equipment Required to Change a Mercedes Battery

Put the car in a safe place to park. Make sure to park your Mercedes-Benz with the emergency brakes fully extended on a concrete surface before you start. By doing this, you can guarantee that the automobile won’t roll while you’re working. Neighboring parts may sustain harm if the automobile moves while you are changing the battery.


Battery post cleaner – You might need to clean the battery post after removing the old battery. You only need the proper replacement batteries for your Mercedes in addition to these tools. Look for the battery. The battery is often located inside the trunk on the right side of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The battery is located behind the back seat in more uncommon vehicles. For instance, the battery is located next to the engine sink on the passenger side in the Mercedes-Benz W203 and R170 vehicles.

The following Mercedes models also have distinctive battery placements:

  • W210: The battery is located under the back seat.
  • W461/463 — The battery is located behind the center console, hidden behind a cover in the floorboard.
  • W164/166/151 — The battery is located under the front passenger seat.

How To Replace The Mercedes Benz Battery

If the car has two batteries, look for the starter battery beneath the hood and the system battery in the trunk. Use the 10mm socket to remove the battery cables and top mounts if the battery is located beneath the Mercedes hood. You must use the 13mm socket to unplug the bottom mounts.
The outdated battery must be removed first. To start, disconnect the negative battery terminal. The 10mm bolt holding the battery in place needs to be loosened.

Try twisting the terminal first if you are still having trouble pulling it. Don’t try to force anything, please. Use a specialized terminal puller if the battery clamp is still jammed in place. Unplug the battery’s positive terminal. It is essential to prevent the positive terminal from making touch with any metal components of the Mercedes, including the automobile structure, thus you will need to insulate this area with electrical tape.

Mercedes Benz Battery Replacement

Remove the bracket holding the battery in position. A 13mm bolt holds the bracket in place, and often an extension is important to remove it. Remove the dead battery from the automobile once the bracket is out of the way. Due to the weight of automotive batteries, consider this. To access the battery on some models, you might need to remove the cabin air filter. The air filter box is held in place by three snaps and can be in removal mode using a screwdriver.

Replace The Battery With A New One

The battery could be covered by a buckled strap if it is in the trunk. Pull the strap apart after releasing the buckle. The actual battery should be hidden beneath the floor panel on the right side of the trunk. The bottom panel of the trunk is secure to the car on Mercedes-Benz S-Class and AMG S-class models using two T20 Torx bolts. You can slide this panel to access the system battery after removing these bolts.

The system battery connects last on Mercedes automobiles that have both a system and starter battery. As a result, before replacing the system battery, you must unplug the negative line from the starter battery, which is located under the hood. Reconnect the starter battery after replacing the system battery. The Mercedes S-class (221) and SL class (230/231) cars are the ones with two batteries.

It’s time to install a new battery in your Mercedes-Benz now that the old one has been removed. The procedures you took to remove the previous battery are completely reversed during battery installation. Place the fresh battery in the battery tray. The battery bracket should then be reinstallation. Reconnect the battery’s positive and negative terminals, as appropriate.


Once the new battery has been put in the car, you should do basic synchronization steps to make sure your Mercedes is ready to travel.

Windows should be in synchronization. The automatic window-opening and window-closing mechanisms must first be with synchronization with the new battery. Hit the window switch and hold it down until the window is shut fully to synchronize them. Hold the button down for a further three seconds after you close the window. Then, to open the window, press the window button backward. Keep pressing the button for an extra three seconds after it has completely descended. Follow these instructions for every window.

Mercedes Benz Battery

Adjust the sunroof. The sunroof of your Mercedes-Benz won’t initially be synchronized to the new battery like the windows were. Press the sunroof-opening button to synchronize. Hold the button down for an extra three seconds after the sunroof has fully opened. After that, flip the switch back to close the sunroof. Hold down the button for three additional seconds after the sunroof has completely closed.

Steps To Complete The Replace Mercedes Benz Battery Process

Check the steering wheel’s accuracy. Put the key in the ignition to start your Mercedes-Benz once the new battery has been with installation and the windows and sunroof have been in sync. You should see several caution warnings on your dashboard monitor as soon as the car starts. Namely, a warning light should illuminate along with the ESP message. Turn the steering wheel as far to the left as it will go and keep it there for two seconds to reset the ESP. Next, turn the wheel as far to the right as it will go and hold it there for two seconds. Follow those instructions once more, moving completely to the left for two seconds and completely to the right for two seconds. Stop the engine, then restart the vehicle. The ESP warning lights should now be off, and the car should start as usual.

Use a jump starter to prevent synchronization, if desired. There is a solution if you don’t want to go through the process of synchronizing your windows, sunroof, and wheels. During the battery replacement, you keep the Mercedes-Benz powered up. This is possible with jumper starters. You should only attempt this if you are familiar with jumper starts because there are several challenging steps involved. Jumper cables or a backup battery must be in connection to the Mercedes-under-hood Benz’s jumper connections while you change the battery. Since the terminals are always beneath the hood, it makes no difference where the battery is located in a particular vehicle.

Cost Of A Mercedes Benz Battery Replacement

View the positive and negative posts by swiping the red cover off the jumper terminal. The positive battery terminal must be in connection to the jumper starter. A 12-volt backup battery can also be in use as a power supply while you swap out the battery.

Time the event. After replacing your new battery, refer to your Mercedes-manual Benz’s owner to reset the clock. The time-setter instructions vary depending on the device.

For the radio to be in synchronization with the battery on some Mercedes models, a radio code must be in the device. Consult the owner’s manual of your car to see if this applies to it; it should provide the code you need to input to unlock the radio. If the owner’s manual is silent on this matter, get in touch with the car’s original dealer. When you give them the VIN, they ought to be able to use the radio code.


A Mercedes-Benz battery replacement typically costs between $280 and $400. However, if you decide to perform the replacement work yourself, you can reduce the cost of a battery replacement by up to $100 and occasionally even $200. In general, aftermarket batteries are less expensive than OEM batteries.

Choose Your Replace Mercedes Benz Battery Method

Any battery you install in your Mercedes-Benz must have the same group size as the outgoing one. The AGM H8 battery is standard on the majority of automaker’s vehicles. You should probably look for a Group 49 AGM battery as you compare your options for a replacement. The absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries work well for Mercedes-Benzes since they deliver high accessory loads for cars in this category. The new battery should have an identical reserve capacity and cranking amps as the old battery.

The following are a Mercedes battery’s fundamental specifications:

  • H8 group size; 49 group size; 94 group size
  • AGM battery type
  • 850 cold-cranking amps

BCI Group 49 batteries are standard in most Mercedes vehicles. Exide Edge 94R AGM battery and ACDelco AGM 94 battery are in the suggestion as Mercedes-Benz replacement batteries. If you want to make sure the battery you replace in your car is an exact match, check the owner’s manual or get in touch with the dealership where you bought it to find out what kind of battery it is.

Warranty For A Mercedes Battery

It is really important the warranty once you decide to complete a replace Mercedes Benz battery process! With an aftermarket battery, you might be able to receive a longer guarantee than you would from a Mercedes-Benz dealership, which normally offers two-year warranties. This will depend on the dealer. It is advisable to compare prices since some aftermarket dealers only provide one-year warranties while others provide three-year warranties.

You can also check how to retrieve lost radio codes by Mercedes calculating software!

What Is The Time Frame For A Replace Mercedes Benz Battery

The methods necessary to change a battery on a Mercedes-Benz are simple, and you can finish them in less than 30 minutes. You are fortunate to own a Mercedes when you contrast it to some other automobiles. For instance, the procedures needed to replace a battery on a BMW are much more difficult since you need to use a scan tool to clear the power module of the old battery’s charging history. If you have any additional questions about how to replace the Mercedes Benz battery, feel free to ask for help!

Start Change Point

On a Mercedes, however, all you have to do is take out the old battery, put in the new one, and adjust the steering wheel, windows, and sunroof. A Mercedes battery Benz is in change process without the use of specialized equipment.

Get Your Replace Mercedes Benz Battery Start!

Find a reliable specialized dealer that provides parts and services at fair costs before replacing a battery or any other component of a Mercedes-Benz. For sure now you know how to replace the Mercedes Benz battery by yourself right?

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