Mercedes Timing Chain Replacement

Read our Mercedes timing chain replacement guide with the hope that you can complete it all by yourself! Instructions and replacement intervals for the Mercedes-Benz timing chain. Full manual! You can find instructions and advice on how to replace the timing chain on your Mercedes Benz here. These free comprehensive Engine manuals are available by experts and are on base on the particulars of the model’s design. Find a helpful video or PDF guide to replacing the timing chain on your Mercedes-Benz fast by using the search bar or filters.

How To Replace Timing Chain On Mercedes

Mercedes Timing Chain Replacement Steps

  • Cut the battery’s earth lead.
  • Remove the spark plugs to make turning the engine easier.
  • Rotate the engine in the usual direction (unless otherwise stated).
  • Then track torque increases.
  • If installed, mark the crankshaft position (CKP) sensor’s location before removing it.
  • Avoid using camshafts or other sprockets to turn the crankshaft.
  • Finally, when the timing chain is not there, do not spin the crankshaft or camshaft.

The timing chain can go through removing process without taking the engine apart. The new chain is in connection to the old one using the aforementioned tools, then fed through the sprockets and attached.

Mercedes Benz Timing Chain Replacement
  • No. 1 cylinder is at the top dead center in the engine.
  • Verify that the upward-facing camshaft lobes on the No. 1 cylinder.
  • Then check that the timing markers on both camshafts are in line.
  • A camshaft holding tool can bein use to stop the camshaft from rotating.
  • So before performing engine repairs, remove the tensioner assembly.
  • Install the tensioner following repairs. 40 Nm of tightening torque.
  • then verify that the grooves on the balancer shafts’ sprockets are horizontal and pointed toward the guiding sprocket.

Kent has created several videos and a manual about this issue. You’ll be able to see why he advises replacing certain components EARLY on.
Although replacing the chain is not difficult. It does take careful planning to ensure that it is in the correct place with the least amount of time and effort. You might have to remove the front of the engine if you do it incorrectly. With the aid of a helper, a new chain is on to the old chain and “rolled” into the engine. It doesn’t call for extensive disassembly of the engine.

Kit Contains

  • An updated TWIN ROW timing chain
  • Added three new top guide rails
  • Guide pin removal instrument
  • Strong green nitrile gloves
  • Lint-free blue fabric
  • Exact written directions

Advice On How To Avoid Issues When Replacing A Chain

On 3.8 (380) V8 engines from 1980 to 1982 with a single row timing chain, this kit will not fit. Twin row chains are to several of these vintage engines. Remove one valve cover and inspect if you are unsure before opening it!

Mercedes Timing Chain Replacement

The oiler tube clamps and the valve cover gaskets are not included in this package. The clips are plastic, and they should be replaced if they haven’t been in the last ten years (or your camshafts could be ruined). If your clips have been replaced, we do sell a valve cover gasket set individually or a valve cover gasket set with clips. In the end, it could be a good idea to change your spark plugs at the same time because you will need to remove them to replace the timing chain.

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