BMW Transmission Fluid Change

Can you change the BMW transmission fluid on your one? If you can’t we can provide information on how to complete BMW Transmission fluid change using simple actions and tools! Typically, lifetime fluid is used to fill the automatic transmission.

Remove The BMW Transmission Fluid

According to BMW, a lifetime is 100,000 miles. To maintain your fluid, we can recommend that you do so every 50,000 miles. If you’re unsure when the fluid was last go through changing process and replace it right away. Your transmission will last longer if you do this. There are numerous options for fluid replacement. Make sure it matches the most recent requirements set forth by BMW for your vehicle before choosing the best you can afford.

BMW Transmission Fluid Parts

BMW Transmission Fluid Change

Check your owner’s handbook or give our parts specialists a call to find out what fluid goes in your transmission. When replacing, you have two choices: either drain the fluid and refill it or drain the fluid and drop the transmission fluid pan to replace the fluid strainer. I typically only drain and fill the first time, replacing the strainer for the second visit.

You can clear the transmission fluid pan of dirt and debris by replacing the strainer. A metal oil pan is in use in all-wheel drive vehicles, allowing the strainer to be in an order separately. Rear-wheel drive vehicles use an oil pan made of plastic with a built-in strainer. You must swap out the oil pan to service the strainer.

BMW Transmission Fluid Change

I’ll go over how to change the strainer and drain and re-fill your transmission fluid in this technical article. This picture depicts a 2009 E90 with a GA6L45R transmission. Similar procedures apply to other automatic transmissions used in E90 vehicles, therefore following them should allow you to replenish the fluid without any issues. So about three miles of driving is required to warm the transmission fluid.

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