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The VW radio code calculator can provide the code that your device requires. It’s funny that for some Volkswagen car radios there is workable calculating software that can solve your problem very fast and easily. For some other VW models, this process is probably impossible. For sure, we can try to help you if you decide to use our help. Generally, it is a real challenge to try to solve this issue by yourself. How to act? So what you can do? Answer the questions in this article that contain information that can help you no meter which is the exact VW car radio that you own, but it is locked!

About The Problem

It is your Volkswagen radio device that doesn’t play music anymore! This is annoying. You have the device in your possession but you can’t use it no matter what you try to do. Whenever you try to turn on the device all you see is a lock screen that requires a VW radio code. This is a few digits combination that doesn’t allow you to listen to music in your automobile.

VW Radio Code Locked Screen

Your prime problem is that you don’t have the original Volkswagen radio code that is a factory one. Maybe the best way to solve the problem is to make a quick search of all documents and papers in your car. If you find it there the search is over. Then you just need to enter the radio code and your device will work without any problem.

If the prime options don’t allow you to remove the screen lock from your Volkswagen car radio device then you can check our VW radio code calculator database. It’s free so you can go through the checking process without paying a thing.

VW Radio Code Calculator Database

Our website already made a huge VW radio code calculator database that we share with all our readers and users around the world. Please be aware that this database doesn’t support 100% of Volkswagen automobile radios! This means that we will try to recover your Volkswagen radio code key for free, but for some VW radio models are really difficult or just impossible to complete the retrieval procedure. But it’s free, so any user can try with our radio codes database that cover more than 85% of all VW car radio device. For sure, if we can’t find your true combination we will send you a couple of websites that can solve your problem for a reasonable price!

VW Radio Code Key Information

So probably you are wondering how to check our possibilities? The process is really simple and easy. Every reader can complete the checking process with their email address and complete a simple request that contains some information about their device. So if you want our help you must go through the:

Requesting Procedure

How to request a free retrieval process? All you need to do is to complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the contact page on our website.
  2. Find the comment section at the bottom of the page.
  3. Enter information about your Volkswagen radio’s serial combination, brand, and model.
  4. Finally, send the comment.

Our team will receive the information. Using the information about your device’s identification data we will try to complete the VW radio code retrieval procedure. If we complete the process successfully you will receive the code really fast on your email address (the same email address that you use while you input the data in the comment, so please don’t make any mistakes while you do that). The second possibility is that we will not find your Volkswagen radio code combination. In this case, you will receive this information on your email address along with suggestions from where (trusted service) you can get your radio code.

VW Radio Serial Number Information

VW Radio Code Database By Model

The VW radio code calculator database that this website owns supports various models of car radios that are usually used by Volkswagen vehicles. Here you can solve the problem with locked radios from:

  • Alpha
  • Amarok
  • Beetle
  • Beta
  • Caddy
  • Gamma
  • Golf
  • Jetta
  • Lupo
  • Monsoon
  • MK3
  • MK4
  • MK5
  • Navigation
  • Passat
  • RCD 51
  • Polo
  • RCD 300
  • RCD 310
  • Scirocco
  • Sharan
  • Tiguan
  • Touareg
  • Transporter
  • Van
  • Vento
  • Vivo

In the end, we want to recommend you be more than careful from where you will try to get your VW radio code if our website can’t provide this information for you. If you try to use random website suggestions, software, or some wrong codes you can make huge damage to your computer, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or your Volkswagen car radio device. If you try to enter this type of code into your device then there is a possibility that you can block the radio permanently. Therefore don’t make a quick decision and wait for our advice that will provide true and good information.

Device Example

No matter what type of code you will get while you search it, don’t make too many wrongs entering attempts while you try to enter the VW radio code. You can check video tutorials on the internet. The tutorials may be different from the Volkswagen model to model but in most cases is a really simple process that can’t use can complete by itself. You must pay attention to finding a workable guide that is for your exact radio model. If you try tutorials that are originally made for another model then there are huge chances that you can make a mistake.

Finally, we suggest you try only two times. If the VW radio code doesn’t remove the lock screen then probably you have the wrong code!

14 thoughts on “VW Radio Code Calculator

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  • Hello.
    I forget code for my mfd2
    Blaupunkt 7612002064
    BNO 881
    Serial number:

    Please help with code
    Best regards

    • Hello
      I need radio code for my Tiguan 2014

      • VWZZZ9NZ7Y073548
        Polo 2007

  • VWZ6Z9R2040525
    Merci de me trouver mon code urgent

  • VWZ1Z3K3558182
    vw jetta 2010

  • Golf 6
    Thank you

  • Hi,
    code needed for my 2009 golf mk6 radio.


    Thanks Tim.

  • Hallo
    Hab mein radio wieder ausgepackt.
    Hab des karterl nimmer mit den code.

    Is a original VW radio , Blaupunkt,vw radio navigation,
    Touran 2005 Tdi


  • Hello
    I need radio code for my Golf Variant
    Radio Gamma
    Serial Nº VWZ1Z3A2064354.
    Thank you

    • Ciao,
      Io ho un rcd 210 e non riesco più a trovare il codice per sbloccarlo.
      Il seriale è il seguente:

  • Sveiki,

  • Hello.

    Could you provide me code for VW Alpha radio, vwz1z1c1391838.

    Thank you!


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