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How to unlock your audio and locate your Chrysler radio code. The problem could be a security Chrysler radio code if you’ve ever turned the key in your ignition and realized that your car radio isn’t dialing in to your favorite station or playing your carefully prepared playlist.

Consider it a radio password: a series of button presses designed to prevent thieves from stealing your audio and installing it in another Chrysler vehicle. The security measure may catch honest drivers off guard, locking us out of our in-car entertainment systems. But have no fear: this article examines all of the possible locations for access codes, as well as how to enter them into your car radio and what to do if you can’t locate yours.

Chrysler Radio Code

When Is It Necessary To Input A Chrysler Radio Code

You may be asked to input a Chrysler radio code to use your radio again if it is disconnected from a battery or thinks it has been disconnected due to a flat battery (There’s still more incentive to use a battery conditioner or trickle charger to maintain your battery healthy). On the radio’s display, you’ll see the words ‘LOCK,’ ‘CODE,’ or anything like. When this occurs, it’s time to start looking…

What Is The Code For Your Device

Drivers are frequently questioned for their car radio codes. Even if you bought a used car, there’s a strong chance you’ll be able to find the Chrysler radio code without having to get out of the driver’s seat.

First, check out these spots:

  • Glovebox – A sticker in the glovebox contains some Chrysler radio codes.
  • Car handbook – The code can be in the stereo or security section of your vehicle manual. Some codes are also on a little paper or plastic card that is inside the guidebook.
  • Manufacturer’s website – More information on how to obtain the code should be available on the manufacturer’s website. You can go to an authorized dealer for assistance.
  • Dealership – The answer may be held by an authorized dealer. To show you own the vehicle, you’ll most likely need your logbook or V5C document.
  • Previous owner – If you purchased the automobile used, you may want to contact the previous owner. It’s worth investigating to see if they wrote down the code or kept an original copy.

Once you’ve found the Chrysler radio code, write it down and save it somewhere safe for future reference.

Chrysler Radio Serial Number

Car security – how to deter crooks? Must-have new automobile features and technology? What do the warning lights on your car’s dashboard mean? If you can’t find the code, what should you do?

The maker of the car should be your first port of communication.

Important Details

You’ll need to show that you have legal ownership of the vehicle and radio, so have the following information handy:

  • the make, model, and registration number of your car
  • the VIN (vehicle identifying number) – check our VIN guide for assistance in locating yours.
  • Chrysler model, serial number, and part number – you should be able to find this information on the back of the radio.
Chrysler Radio Model

Another option is to go to a car audio store. The radio experts will gladly assist you with any issue. The RAC Approved Dealer Network can help you identify a reputable professional in your area. You can also ask our help. Finally we can use special Chrysler radio code calculator to retrieve your lost code!

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  • My radio does not work and we were able to remove it from the car. I found another one that looks like the same radio, but I want to be sure before buying it. They asked me to find out the RHW for my radio. They said to contact Chrysler and give them the vin# of my car and they could give me the RHW for my car. Does that sound right. If I send you my Vin# can you give me the RHW form my car?


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